How do I become a Berkley Recreational Marine Agent?
If you are interested in working with Berkley Recreational Marine, contact us at 855-558-3843 or to discuss an appointment.
What insureds are a good fit for Berkley Recreational Marine?
Our target insured is the experienced owner whose boat or yacht is used for private pleasure. We do not provide stand alone coverage for personal watercraft. We do not insure vessels that are used commercially full-time but we can direct you to Berkley Offshore for such risks. For more details on clients we serve, view Vessels We Insure.
As an insured, how do I get a quote?
Berkley Recreational Marine works with licensed agents who solicit quotes on behalf of their clients. To find an agent who may assist you, check out our Find An Agent Tool.
As an agent, how do I submit business for my clients?
Simply send a completed application to and a representative of our team will be in touch with you within 24 hours. Log in to the agent portal to download an application.
Can Berkley Recreational Marine insure a vessel for protection and indemnity (P&I) only?
No, we write protection and indemnity in conjunction with hull to help reduce coverage gaps.
Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, discounts are available for vessel owners who are loss free, who have completed formal boater education and whose vessels are equipped with modern safety features.
How can an insured make a payment?
Insureds can now choose to pay online using a credit card or through their checking/savings account. Checks can also be mailed to:
Berkley Recreational Marine, a W. R. Berkley Company
PO Box 912381
Denver, CO 80291-2381
Are payment plans available?
Yes, we offer the ability to pay in two, three, four, five, six or eleven installments depending on your premium size. Ask us about options available to you.
How can a claim be reported?
You can report a claim by contacting your servicing agency, calling 1-855-486-0320 or emailing
What is the Agent Portal?
The agent portal is a secure site protected by IDs and Passwords which is specifically for employees of contracted agencies. Through the agent portal, agents have the ability to view policy and billing documents, view policy transaction history and run reports including expiring policies and policies pending cancellation. In the future, we intend to enhance the user experience and expand functionality offered in the portal.
Is an Insured Portal available where I can manage my account?
Berkley Recreational Marine is currently developing an insured portal. We will notify insureds when it becomes available.